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Bloomsdale Senior Apartments 573-483-9390

Ste. Genevieve Manor
(subsidized housing for elderly)

Ste. Genevieve Square Apartments 573-883-2390
Windcrest Village Apartments 573-883-9330
St. Mary Apartments 573-543-5404
Donze Apartments 573-883-5764
Pointe Basse Apartments 573-883-5501
Duplexex Charles Marzuco 573-883-3189

Ste. Genevieve Landlords

Donna Marler 573-883-7388
Orville Fallert 573-883-3158
Wilbert Loida 573-883-2607
Jeff Wolk 573-883-7126
George Wehner 573-883-5708
Jim Brumfield 573-883-2451
Hadley Litterst 573-883-5792
Bob Roth, Sr. 573-883-3746
Terry Zerwig 573-483-2758
Wally Roth 573-883-2312


Armbruster Realty 573-883-2444
Remax/Best Choice, Sharon Hasty 573-883-0749
Five Star Realty 573-883-7171
[photo] Dena Kreitler

Dena Kreitler
Executive Director

“Take a walk downtown and you will find the ambience and charm of our lovely shops and restaurants. The residents of this community take pride in their homes and the town's culture. We hope that your visit to our beautiful town becomes a treasure for you and your family.”


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Community Events


  • Citizen's Electric Corp
  • Holcim
  • Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
  • Mississippi Lime
  • Merci Medical Center
  • Lhoist North America