Parc Ste. Genevieve

The Premier Business Location

Parc Ste. Genevieve Business & Industrial Center is Southeast Missouri's premier business center, located in historic Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Parc Ste. Genevieve is located in an upland setting, safe from flood hazards. A wide selection of lots are available and the design of Parc Ste. Genevieve Business & Industrial Center offers flexibility in lot combinations and splits.

  • The new Ste. Genevieve community center and recreation complex is located at the entrance to Parc Ste. Genevieve. A pedestrian/bicycle trail links the business park to this state-of-the-art recreational facility.
  • Quality of life-Ste. Genevieve is an exceptional community, with excellent public and parochial schools and a low cost of living. Its proximity to St. Louis offers convenient access to a wide range of cultural, educational, sports and other venues.

Location & Access

  • Parc Ste. Genevieve Business & Industrial Center is located approximately 50 miles south of St. Louis on Interstate 55, a major transportation corridor between Chicago and New Orleans.
  • The property has convenient access to Interstate 55-only 5 miles away on Missouri Highway 32.


  • Favorable labor and business climate
  • Parc Ste. Genevieve is a City sponsored development. The City can offer various incentives, including tax increment financing. Additional local or state incentives may be available depending on the end user

Business & Industrial Center Information


  • Wide industrial designed streets
  • Street lighting provided
  • Protective covenants and design guidelines

Utilities & Public Safety:

  • Water & Sewer - City of Ste. Genevieve 573-883-5400
  • Electric service - Citizens Electric 573-883-3511
  • Natural gas service - Missouri Natural Gas Co. 573-883-3551
  • Internet Services -
  • Telephone & fiber optics - AT&T 800-455-0244
  • Telephone - Big River Telephone 800-455-1608
  • Cable TV - Charter Communications 800-455-0244
  • Police & Fire protection - City of Ste. Genevieve 573-883-5400

Labor Force & Technical Training

Detailed and up-to-date labor force data is available upon request. The City, Ste. Genevieve County Department of Economic Development and local educational institutions stand ready to assist industries with specialized workforce training programs.

For additional information, contact:

City Administrator
165 S. Fourth St.
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

Ste. Genevieve Department of Economic Development
51 South Third St.
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670

Lot Pricing & Incentives

For more information about lot pricing, incentive programs, or to obtain additional information about the labor market, utility rate structure, tax rates, etc., please contact the City of Ste. Genevieve at (573)883-5400.

[photo] Dena Kreitler

Dena Kreitler
Executive Director

“Take a walk downtown and you will find the ambience and charm of our lovely shops and restaurants. The residents of this community take pride in their homes and the town's culture. We hope that your visit to our beautiful town becomes a treasure for you and your family.”


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Community Events


  • Citizen's Electric Corp
  • Holcim
  • Ste Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
  • Mississippi Lime
  • Merci Medical Center
  • Lhoist North America